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Mental Illness

Disorders of mind are very common in their prevalence in society and are peculiar to have strange presentations so that they are often missed by the person suffering from them as well as by their caregivers...

Myths and facts

Significant part of what we know is incorrect in terms of modern scientific understanding. This becomes much more important when it comes to mental health and our belief system regarding the mental illnesses...


Psychiatric treatments requires a blend of biological and various psychological techniques directed towards the eradication of symptoms and recovering the subjects to their perfect social, occupational...

About Website

Located in Delhi, Dr. K. P. Rana is a leading name in the delivery of modern psychiatric services. He obtained MBBS degree from Madurai Medical College and post graduation from IHBAS (Institute of Human behavior and allied Sciences, Delhi). He was awarded MNAMS by National Board of Examination Delhi.

This website is designed to out reach general population and mentally ill patients . Our aim is to psycho educate the masses, to get freedom from the myths and stigma and to simplify the process to get psychiatric help wherever it is needed.

For Consult

  • Psychological support for chronic and intractable illnesses.
  • Getting out of addiction problems.
  • Marital, sexual and adjustment problems.
  • Expert professional Opinion.
  • Diagnostic clarification.

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